The August practice will be in the evening.  The times generally depend on the Head Coach’s schedule/availability, and we are still firming up all the coaching spots. Generally practices takes place from either 5:30-7:30 or 6-8.  All games take place on Saturday.  The 1st game starts at 9 am and last game is usually a 3 pm or 4 pm game.  Generally the older players play earlier and the younger players play a bit later.  This is based upon the fact that the more experienced refs work the earlier games because of evening commitments.  With that said, games could be in the morning or in the afternoon.  GEJFA sets the schedule ( not out yet) and the Issaquah school district sets the field schedule (not out yet).  Unfortunately, there is information that we will not have until the end of July/beginning if August.  Last year the practices took place on Monday-Friday for the first 3 weeks and then Monday, Wednesday and Friday afterwards. We did have one coach hold practice on Thursday evening. I hope this helps and please let us know if you need additional information.