Liberty Patriot Football Foundation has started to use DocuSign for all it’s paperwork. You may start to see waivers and other forms from DocuSign. Why are we doing this:

  • Reduce costs (printing, copying, filing)
  • Easier for you – no printing, scanning, faxing anymore
  • Quicker time to completion – Digital transactions can happen at the speed of light, not the speed of USPS
  • It’s green – Going digital is environmentally friendly

If you want to see how it works, you can watch this short one minute video

Depending on your security settings in your mail program, they MIGHT hit your junk mail. If you are expecting something from us please check your junk folder. You can fix this in outlook by right clicking, go Junk/Never block sender. Other email programs have similar functionality, and you always add to your safe senders list.