Coaches Expectations

Below is an outline of the expectations for our coaches



Coaching is a sacred platform! Billy Graham once said, “A coach impacts more lives in a year than most people do in a lifetime.” Listed below are the expectations for a Head Football Coach in the Liberty Junior Football program. Our organizations goal is to help you as much as we can by giving you the tools and training you need to be successful, but we need your commitment as well in the following areas: 



 Mission – Our Mission is “To unlock greatness in the boys we coach and launch them into becoming men of action who lead with empathy and integrity. “ Coaches need to align with this mission and demonstrate it in  how they interact with players, coaches, officials, parents and the community:  


Commitment - coaching Liberty Junior Football is not the priority in your life, but it is a priority. You are able to prioritize time for this and make it important.  


Communication – excel at communication with other coaches, your players and parents. Must do an official parent meeting to cover concussion protocol and other key information. Great leaders are great communicators.  


Passion – radiate a positive passion and enthusiasm through your coaching. Whatever happened earlier in the day at work, etc., leave it behind and coach with amazing energy and passion. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm! 


Organization – run efficient, timely practices. Every coach has a practice plan at every practice. Practices begin on time and end on time. Always have a plan and always have it written down and with you and your assistants.


Recruit and Attract Coaches and Players – market and build our overall program and your team. Each coach needs to be a recruiter of quality, qualified assistants, as well as players. Emails, phone calls, personal notes, pizza gatherings at your house – build your team and have fun with it! Help other coaches build their teams as well by being a mouth piece for Liberty Junior Football in our community.  


Heads Up & Rugby Tackle Trained – understand and know how to teach Heads Up & Rugby Style tackling. Include these drills in your teaching/practice plans. 


First Aid/CPR Certified – need a current card 


Attend Liberty Football Coaches’ Clinics – attend all four of the Liberty Junior Football Clinics and/or have an assistant coach representative who attends. One meeting will include a safety meeting by our organization’s Safety Coach that all Head Coaches must attend. Note: if the set times will not work because of your schedule, reach out to Coach Valach to set up individual meetings.


Run the Fly Offense and plays from the Liberty playbook – be able to teach and run an age appropriate version of the Fly Offense. Either you or an assistant must assume the Offensive Coordinator duties and commit to learning and mastering the offense.  


No coaches will be allowed to coach under the influence of drugs or alcohol, use tobacco, or use profanity while in the presence of the players.