Ever wonder where your registration fees and donations go?

The Liberty Patriot Football Foundation supports both the Junior and High School programs. The truth is, registration fees only cover a portion of the program's operational expenses.  This is why foundation fundraising events and your involvement are so important!

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Our goal is to make sure that every kid who wants to play has that opportunity, regardless of their ability to pay. If you need help, please ask!



Equipment and uniforms are the bulk of our expenses. These items include helmets, shoulder pads, hit pads, ladders, footballs, jerseys, pants, and first aid supplies.  We strive to provide your child with the safest and most innovative equipment available.  Equipment and uniforms wear out overtime and have to be replaced.  The Patriot Football Foundation reviews these items annually to determine if any of these items need replacing.


Field Rental

Practice and game fields are rented through the Issaquah district.  Lighting equipment for these fields also incur a cost.  The Patriot Football Foundation works very hard to insure that these amenities are available for your child.



Even if when you disagree with them, you still have to pay them. Speaking of which, the Greater Eastside Junior Football Association is always looking for enthusiastic referees.   For you High School kids, this is a great way to make some extra money!


Coach Training

We want to make sure that our coaches are up to date on the latest safety, rules, and techniques in the game.  Attending area clinics and acquiring renewal certifications are great tools that allow coaches to keep their skills sharp and perform their best for your child.



We have a modest budget for marketing which includes flyers, signage, and advertising on social media.